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A Mobile Sauna Rental In Jackson Hole

Hygge Hut | Mobile Sauna in Jackson Hole



select dates, book, and sign a waiver.


We drop off at your desired location around 12pm.


during drop-off we Discuss sauna protocol and operations.


you enjoy a sauna experience at your doorstep.


We collect the sauna around 5 pm at the end of your reservation.



Custom Built to endure the elements of the West.

100% Off Grid

The sauna's heat is powered by a wood stove and our lights are powered by 12v solar energy. This allows users to enjoy the benefits of a sauna in remote or off-the-grid locations. The independence from traditional utility systems, makes this a sustainable option.

Changing Room

Changing rooms in saunas are essential. They provide a private and comfortable space for individuals to change ensuring a smooth transition before and after sessions. This room also plays a crucial role in preserving heat by serving as a buffer zone between the sauna and the outside environment.


We furnish all customers with firewood for the entire booking duration, along with kindling, fire starters, lighters, and matches. Our built-in firewood cubby enables outdoor wood storage with access from inside, ensuring a clean sauna changing room.

Cold Plunge

We provide complimentary cold plunge tubs for customers with access to a hose and spigot. Contrast therapy is a vital aspect of the sauna experience, and the cold plunge offers an excellent method to cool your body between sauna sessions.


Dan Moody

“Awesome all around. Cannot wait till I’m back in Jackson, will definitely call Tycen again. Sauna was awesome, plunge was awesome and delivery and pick up both seamless. Recommend to all."


Inspired by the landscape around us, we had a vision to create an experience that brings people together, distraction free, amidst a stress controlled world. A place that disconnects you from all your obligations.

As a word with many definitions, For us, hygge is extracting the good out of life with the people we love. For the health of our bodies and the wellbeing of our minds.

Our sauna is designed to let nature in, and with mobility being the ultimate freedom, our sauna lets nature in wherever it's parked.

Alone, with family, or friends, a sauna is a place we always leave better, than when we came in!

Tycen & Alise


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